Katja Iversen has a strong track record as a high-level adviser to international institutions, C-suite executives and world leaders.

Her areas of focus correspond to the broad ESG agenda, with specific expertise in gender equality and diversity, advocacy and communications, and global health.  She also has a focus on purpose driven leadership, where she helps institutions and individuals identify their purpose and shape change.

In her work with companies and executives, Katja Iversen draws on her experience as a leader, a manager and a trainer, as well as on her educational background in business studies, international affairs, economy, communications, campaigning and management.

Over the years, Katja Iversen has worked with leaders from companies like Unilever, Arla, J&J, P&G, Novo Nordisk, Chanel, HP, Merck, McKinsey, MSD, and many others.  She has advised leaders from various United Nations agencies, the World Economic Forum, OECD, and the World Bank, just as she has trained Fortune 500 leaders in cross cultural management.

She has been a member of Prime Minister Trudeau’s and President Macron’s G7 Gender Equality Councils, an adviser to the Clinton Global Initiative, on MIT Solve Challenge’s Women and Tech Leadership Group, as well as a member of various working groups shaping the Sustainable Development Goals and many other related areas.

Apart from private sector clients, she is currently an official adviser to:

“Purpose, purpose, purpose. I help businesses and institutions doing good and doing good business”
– Katja Iversen