Katja Iversen is a coveted speaker and lecturer.

Her ability to make people listen, think, feel and act is celebrated, as is her high spirit and sense of humour, which she generously uses in her speaking assignments, whether in panel debates or keynote addresses.

Katja Iversen has keynoted, spoken at and participated in panels at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, the United Nations General Assembly, the EU, MIT, Harvard, the Clinton Global Initiative, The Skoll Forum, The ICCA Congress, the Women Deliver conferences, the Reykjavik Global Forum for Women Political Leaders Forum, OECD’s Forum for Development, MIT, Harvard, The Hilton Humanitarian Symposium and Prize Ceremony, and innumerable other events.

Katja mostly speaks on:

  • Purpose Driven Leadership
  • Networking
  • Women in Leadership
  • International and Sustainable Development
  • Gender Equality & Women’s Rights, as well as the broader Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging agenda.
  • Global Health and Development

A couple of examples of Katja’s keynote speeches:

Purpose driven leadership

Companies with purpose at the center grow faster, are more profitable, and have higher workforce and customer satisfaction. And individuals who live with purpose are happier, healthier and more successful. In Katja Iversen’s keynote  “Lead with Purpose and Embrace Your Powers” she hones in on what business leadership of the future looks like, and also how we as individuals can lead and live with purpose – for people, planet and prosperity.


Based on her 2018 book on networking, Katja Iversen gives pointed and practical tips and tricks to people who want to become better at networking, drawing on her own experience from having worked and networked her way from a small village in rural Denmark to the biggest power stages in the world. She, who has herself been called “the networking queen par excellence”, shares honest and humorous examples of her failures and successes. She takes the audience on a journey from which they reappear much better equipped to go and network their way to the top or to change their communities.

Women in Leadership

In this keynote – under the headline: “When you invest in women, everybody wins” – Katja Iversen speaks to why and how the leadership and equality of girls and women, in all their rich diversity, is a total game changer for individuals, families, societies and economies. Having been a crucial part of developing the global investment case for gender equality and women’s empowerment, Katja Iversen in a humorous manner combines facts and figures, with stories and solutions, as well as tips and tricks, always drawing on her own journey as a leader, and her continued close collaboration with world leaders and influencers.

To inquire or book Katja for an event, please write [email protected]

“A good speech makes you listen, think, feel and act”.
– Katja Iversen